Locker Rentals

What you can fit in the lockerFor your convenience, Black Diamond Games now offers long term locker rentals for storage of your games and accessories. These lockers are securely located in our game center, visible at all times by staff at the register.

The lockers are sized to fit quite a bit of gaming goodness, as you can see from the photo to the right. Whether you're storing your miniatures army, your role-playing library or a bunch of your favorite board games, these steel lockers provide convenience and security.

Rental fees are currently $7.50/month or $80/year for a 24"x12"x15" locker. For our first set of 9 lockers, we're focusing on $80/year reservations to help offset the initial cost of purchasing the lockers. You can reserve your locker with a credit card over the phone and then sign  the rental contract on your next visit.

The rental period for the first year will begin May 1st, even if the lockers are available sooner.

The Rules

  • Lockers are for games. There are all kinds of crazy things you could store in your locker (firearms, dangerous chemicals, your latest victim), but the purpose of the locker is to store your games. We frown on excessive creativity in this area. Anything illegal stored in the locker will be confiscated, the police called, and the rental contract canceled without a refund.
  • Please be careful with paint and glue. Consider a tray or plastic bags for paint and glue to avoid spilling.
  • No food or drink in lockers. Besides the obvious problem of smell in these vented lockers, our biggest concern is ants and other vermin. Leaks can also damage the contents of other peoples lockers.
  • Lockers are not transferable without permission. If you wish to transfer your rental, the new person must sign a new rental contract. We need to always have a responsible person on file in case there's a problem.
  • You provide your own lock. Why? This ensures that only you have access to your belongings and that our staff are not involved in securing your things.
  • You must pick up your stuff at the end of the rental period. We'll do our best to contact you at the end of the rental period, but after 30 days your stuff will be auctioned off.
  • We are not responsible for theft or other losses. We will provide a reasonable amount of supervision and guidance, and our monitored security system includes cameras and motion sensors after hours, but in general, we cannot be responsible for losses. Buy a strong look.
  • A rental contract is required for rental, which means you also must be 18 years or older to rent a locker.



Each individual locker is: 24" high, by 12" wide by 15" deep.

For more information, please visit the Global Industries page, the seller of the lockers, or contact Black Diamond Games staff.

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